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SGD7S-1R6A20A Yaskawa SGD7S-1R6A20A When ordering the servo unit, the parameters set in the factory can be specified Single axis servo driver

Large capacity servo unit.
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 30KW.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC200V.
Buckle: instruction to buy pieces of installation type (rotary servo motor used).
Design sequence: B.
Optional parts (hardware): type of paint processing installation of ventilation pipe SGD7S-1R6A20A.
Improve the performance of large torque transmission machinery! Vibration suppression function.
When the driving system of the machine is vibrating, the observer is used to reduce the vibration and suppress the vibration of the device SGD7S-1R6A20A.
Friction compensation function.
Even when the load fluctuation, the gain can be suppressed without changing the position deviation.
Therefore, the overshoot can be suppressed to ensure the stability of the device.
Feature tracking control SGD7S-1R6A20A.
Even the lower mechanical properties, but also the characteristics of the mechanical recovery,
Make the mechanical properties of the control action, thereby reducing the time to adjust the timeSigma -V series servo motor SGMGV.
Rated output: 300W (0.3kw).
Power supply voltage: AC400V Yaskawa SGD7S-1R6A20A.
Serial encoder: 20 bit Delta (standard).
Design sequence: standard.
Shaft end: straight shaft with keyway, with screw (optional).
Optional: with oil seal, with the brake (DC90V).
A variety of mechanical feed shaft drive (high speed feed).
Variety is complete (300W ~ 15kW, with hold brake) Yaskawa SGD7S-1R6A20A.
Equipped with a high resolution serial encoder (20 bit).
Standard using IP67.
Use example:
Machine tool。
Transport machinery.
Handling machinery。
Food processing machinery.
Rating and specifications:
Rated time: continuous Yaskawa SGD7S-1R6A20A.
Vibration level: V15.
Insulation resistance: DC500V, 10M, or above.
Using ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40 degrees C.
Excitation mode: permanent magnet type.
Installation method: flange type.
Heat resistance grade: F.
Insulation withstand voltage: AC1500V 1 minutes (200V), AC1800V 1 minutes (400V).
Protection mode: fully enclosed self cooling type IP67 (except shaft through part).
The use of environmental humidity: 20 ~ 80% (not dew).
Connection mode: direct connection.
Rotation direction: clockwise direction (CCW) rotation at the load side under the direction of rotation
Single axis servo driver SGD7S.
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 0.2kW.
Voltage: single phase \/ three phase AC200V.
Interface: MECHATROLINK-III communication command type. ᥹఼
Design sequence: A.
Hardware purchase pieces: no purchase pieces.
Meet customer specifications required for the 1 products set.
When ordering the servo unit, the parameters set in the factory can be specified.
No need to write parameters in the device assembly site, can reduce the equipment delivery time.
Support product management and maintenance.
After scanning the QR code through the smart phone, it can easily confirm the traceability of the product (production information).
Strengthen trouble shooting
After reading the QR code through the smart phone, the fault diagnosis of the product can be displayed.
Automatic acquisition of tracking information when the servo unit alarm.
Contribute to the failure of the exclusion.
Early monitoring ooperation, carry out planned maintenance SGD7S-1R6A20A.
Predict the service life of the parts, and prompt the change of time on the screen.
According to the information, in the product before the failure to maintain, in order to prevent the system shutdown
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