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SGDM-A3ADA Driver Yaskawa SGDM-A3ADA

Servo motor SGMGH type.
Rated speed: 1000r/min.
Power: 5.5kw.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC200V.
Serial encoder: 17 bit absolute value.
Design sequence: high precision machine tool.
Shaft end: taper 1/10, with parallel key.
Optional parts: with DC90V brake.
High speed feed series: high speed running when no load SGDM-A3ADA.
Complete separation of the maain circuit and the control circuit,
Alarm can only turn off the main circuit power supply, easy to maintain.
Parameter setting device SGDM-A3ADA.
The parameters can be directly entered by the servo drive body.
Saving wiring.
Using a serial encoder, encoder wiring number than the original product reduced by 1/2.
Multi in one control: the use of the parameters of the switch can not use the torque, position, speed control SGDM-A3ADA.

Sigma -v series servo unit SGDV.
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 6kw.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC400V.
Design sequence: A type.
Interface: MECHATROLINK- III communication command type (rotary servo motor) Yaskawa SGDM-A3ADA.
Optional (hardware): DB resistance external type.
Realize real time communication
With the maximum transmission speed of 100Mbps and the set of communication cycle 125S ~ 4ms, to achieve a more than 62 stations of the high speed control Yaskawa SGDM-A3ADA.
Through the high speed of communication, can send and receive all kinds of control information in real time.
Contribute to cost savings
A maximum of 62 stations can be connected to the communication line, can significantly reduce wiring costs and time.
The command connector of the upper controller only needs 1,
Pulse generator for D/A converter or position instruction without speed / torque command Yaskawa SGDM-A3ADA.
High precision motion control is realized.
In addition to torque, position and speed control, but also to achieve high precision synchronization phase control.
Because the control mode can be switched on line, the complicated mechanical action can be realized more effectively and smoothly.
Servo drive type SGDM.
Power: 30W.
Supply voltage: AC200V (single-phase / three-phase).
Mode: speed, torque, position control.
Design sequence: A.
Strong servo, flexible use of the explosive force, give full play to the mechanical properties.
Rapid and accurate transmission. In the moment of dodge opponent,
Send a powerful turn. The fascinating world class players,
Requires its judgment, accuracy, speed and other parties, with a higher level of technology.
For the performance of the servo system which pllays a decisive role in the mechanical properties and production efficiency,
It is also required to respond to high speed, high speed and high precision control,
Have a higher level SGDM-A3ADA.

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